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"Open books, not legs" is the dumbest shit ever like

if I wanna read then I’ll read

and if I wanna fuck then I’ll fuck

and if I wanna rest my book against a hot guy’s head while he puts it between my spread legs then I’m gonna fucking do that bye

That was the hottest post I’ve ever read. 




Best backstory. (x)

You know…for a second there…his head shape led me to believe he could be Phineas’s father.

whA T

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Oh, love is always better
When we take time to go back to who we are
When we are apart
Distance breaks the heart 

Oh, even when I’m lonely
Happy knowing your love is never far
When we are apart.

1st day of work was pretty nawtsss. Unfortunately, I wasn’t working at my elementary school yet, but working at the Y was pretty chill. Mad crybabies & trolls tho. Atleast it beats working at bullshit wendys tho.


Girl Meets World recreates archived Boy Meets World photos

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you don’t really see enough of this.

This is one of those things that makes you wanna cry instantly

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